Land extraction permit and land extraction for domestic use

Land extraction, i.e. extraction of stone, gravel, sand, clay and soil for transport or storage or processing on site, requires a permit in accordance with the Land Materials Act.  The Environmental and Building Board acts as the permit and supervisory authority in Kuopio under the Land Materials Act.

A permit is not necessary if land is extracted for normal domestic use for housing or agriculture and forestry. The use must be related to construction or maintenance of transport connections. Even if no permit is required, the location of the extraction site and the estimated extent of extraction must be reported if more than 500 cubic metres of land are to be extracted.

You can apply for a land extraction permit and submit a notification of a home need extract primarily via the e-service Lupapiste.

The land extraction permit holder must report annually to the permit authority the quantity and quality of the extracted material. The notification is submitted to the central government’s NOTTO system.

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