Storage clamp notification and application of manure in exceptional circumstances

Provisions on the storage and distribution of manure are laid down in the Government Decree (1250/2014) on the limitation of certain emissions from agriculture and horticulture, the so-called Nitrates Decree. The Nitrates Decree applies to all animal housing and all arable and horticultural farming. According to the Decree, animal enclosures must have an impermeable manure storage that can accommodate manure formed during the year. If manure is stored in a clamp, this must be reported with a supervision notification. Clamping manure is only permitted in exceptional cases for technical or hygienic reasons.

 Under the Nitrates Decree, spreading manure is prohibited from the beginning of November to the end of March. The prohibition period for spreading manure can be deviated from until the end of November in particularly exceptional circumstances. An exceptional circumstance is considered to be a situation where, during the growing season, it has rained significantly more in the area than in normal years and the evaporation has been so low that the fields cannot support machinery due to the wetness of the ground. However, in case of deviations from the manure spreading period, other provisions concerning the use of fertilisers must be complied with. The notification must be submitted as early as possible, but by the end of October at the latest, and the manure must be spread by the end of November. 

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