Crowdfunding for Our Kuopio Festival

Crowdfunding for Our Kuopio Festival is carried out in cooperation with the service. Crowdfunding supplements the City’s own grant programmes. Crowdfunding is used to collect funds for events for Our Kuopio Festival. Funding is collected in small sums from a large number of people. Crowdfunding gives the residents the opportunity to contribute to the financing of the events of Our Kuopio Festival.

Who can start a crowdfunding campaign?

All Our Kuopio Festival event producers can start crowdfunding campaigns through the service. We recommend first applying for the production grant, so that you can get a favourable decision and receive funding even if the minimum target set for your crowdfunding campaign is not met.

What is the role of the City?

The City co-sponsors the campaigns with a sum between EUR 100 and EUR 1,000 depending on the content of the event. Not all campaigns are automatically funded. Events must be open to everyone, free of charge, and substance-free.

The City also supports campaigns through exposure in the City’s communication channels, such as websites and social media.

Start a crowdfunding campaign!

You can start your crowdfunding campaign today at! We recommend starting the campaign as soon as possible to ensure adequate funding for your event. The service will assist you in starting the campaign. You can create your campaign here.

For further information, contact Our Kuopio Festival’s producer

Nina Venäläinen

Cultural Manager

Civic engagement services

+358 44 718 5142