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Kuopion keskusta-alue ilmasta katsottuna kesällä ilta-aikaan. Vettä, luontoa, Puijon torni ja ympäri kaupunkia hehkuvat valot. Etualalla Väinölänniemi, jossa on menossa konsertti ja ihmiset täyttävät koko stadionin alueen.

Structural funds 2021–2027

The objective of regional and structural policy is to balance regional differences in development and well-being and to ensure the sustainable growth and competitiveness of the European Union and its Member States. The programming period 2021–2027 for regional and structural policy brings significant resources to implement Finland’s long-term growth and development goals. The aim of the programme is to reform the economic structure of the regions, improve employment and competence, and increase participation. Funding is provided from three complementary funds: the European Social Fund (ESF+), the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Just Transition Fund (JTF).

Local Action Group Kalakukko ry

Leader development project funding can be applied for by registered associations, public entities, foundations, and co-operatives. The nature of operations also affects eligibility. For example, the main purpose of the operation must be other than economic activity and the pursuit of profit. A precondition for development project support is that the support is applied for activities that are not in the scope of the applicant’s current operations. online service is a service offered by the Ministry of Education and Culture that collects and shares information on research conducted in Finland. The service also contains information on previous, current and upcoming funding calls for research and event funding.