Grants for community development

Laavu, jonka edessä kaksi penkkiä vastakkain ja niiden välissä tulipaikka.

Grants for community development are an annual one-off appropriation that must be applied for a specific purpose. The grant decisions are made by the Urban Form Committee or the relevant office holder.

Projects aimed at developing the residential and living environment as well as development projects that promote the common good of residents are prioritised.

Applications for community development grants

The grants can be applied for by residents’ and neighbourhood associations, village committees, and other similar non-profit organisations as well as committees formed by multiple housing companies or organisers of events significant in terms of the cityscape.

Grant applications must report any prior grants received for the project. Community development grants are not awarded for projects that have already received financial support (e.g. municipal merger grants or grants from other service areas).

For justified reasons, grants for community development may be awarded to private individuals, if the amount applied for is less than EUR 300. Community development projects carried out by private individuals have typically been small in scale, focusing on small renovations of structures in general use (e.g. repairs, painting, and restoration).

The grant may also be applied for a project that has received the grant in the previous year, if the work for which the grant is applied for this year is related to the continuation of the project but does not overlap with the work covered by the grant in the previous year.

Grant application forms are submitted to the Urban Form Committee (kaupunkirakennelautakunta), and applications should specify the project and its costs and a clear description of the object of the grant.

Plans, invitations to tender, and cost estimates on which the amount applied for is based must be appended to the application.

As a rule, the grant amounts awarded are not increased later, even if the cost estimate presented by the applicant is exceeded and the awarded grant is not enough to cover for it.

Community development grant application (pdf)

Bases for using and distributing grants for community development

Application period

Grants for community development can be applied for continuously, and applications are processed in the order of arrival.

Application forms for projects to be carried out in the year of application must be submitted by 30 September at the latest, so that they can be carried out by the end of the year of application.

Applications can be left at the Service Area for Urban Environment customer service at Suokatu 42 or sent by mail to: Kaupunkirakennelautakunta, PO Box 1097, 70111 Kuopio.
Applications submitted by email will not be accepted without separate prior agreement.

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