Grant for professionals at Our Kuopio Festival

“What would you do for Our Kuopio festival with 1,000 or 2,000 euros?”

What is the grant for professionals at Our Kuopio Festival?

The grant for professionals is a new form of funding aimed at culture professionals. The grant sums are EUR 2,000, EUR 2,000 and EUR 1,000. Three applicants/activities/shows are selected based on applications. The application should indicate what the recipient would be able to offer for the festival with the help of the grant. It is therefore a ‘reverse production grant’, so to speak. The application should include professional references. Our team will select the recipients in accordance with the selection criteria.

The evaluation is based on the applications. The criteria comprises the description of the programme or show offered and its suitability for the Our Kuopio Festival, the attractiveness of the suggested programme or show, the prerequisites for implementation, and the professionalism of the applicant based on the references presented.

The programmes and shows selected are purchased as outsourced services, which means that the applicant must be able to invoice using a business ID, a tax card, or through an invoicing service. Invoicing takes place after the implementation of the programme.

Who can apply?

The new grant is intended for professional artists, entrepreneurs, and associations that create professional content. The applicant may be an individual or a group. 

When can I apply?

The application period is 1–30 April 2023. Decisions will be made in May. We will not provide feedback on the applications or decisions. The application form can be found here.

For further information, contact Our Kuopio Festival’s producer

Nina Venäläinen

Cultural Manager

Civic engagement services

+358 44 718 5142