Major event grants

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Kuopio wants to be a partner of the event organizer and with its activities enables the smooth organization of the event in Kuopio. As a partner, we can communicate the event in the city’s media, advise on permit and space matters, and possibly support the event financially.

Event support applications and cooperation presentations are evaluated based on the effectiveness of the event. The possible support is determined according to the evaluation criteria approved by the city government and the available funds. Event subsidies can be granted e.g. for event organization costs, at separately defined development targets, marketing cooperation and enabling new events with start-up and development funding.

The most important criteria for evaluating event support:

  • Regional economic effects of the event and ROI calculation, e.g. tourism revenue effect.
  • The possibilities of using the event in city marketing, e.g. the visibility and marketing of the event and the target groups of the event.
  • The welfare effects of the event, e.g. health effects, promotion of exercise and hobby activities, community and equality.
  • The event’s sustainable operating model, resource wisdom, environmental effects and the event organizer’s responsibility.
    Development and growth goals of the event.


Event support and cooperation is sought before the event is organized, when the event has been carefully planned. We encourage organizers to start the planning and grant application process as early as possible. Decisions on city grants are made in January of each year at the earliest, and you should allow a month for the decisions to become legal. You can apply all year round, but please note the effects of the holidays, we do not process applications during the holidays in July and December.


Event support is always partial support, please make sure that your event also has other funding. It is not justified to use the event grand for rent payments for the city of Kuopio’s own premises.

Apply for event grand (in Finnish)
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Support is always paid after the organization of the event, however during the year of the event. The event organizer must submit an event grand report no later than two months after the event has taken place. The report can be sulmented by e-mail if needed after sending the form.

Make event grand report (in Finnish)
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For more information on the event grants and event partnership, contact:

Laura Kokko henkilökuva

Laura Kokko

Marketing coordinator

Com­mu­ni­ca­tions and marketing