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Navigaattori is a place where you can find professional help for finding a job or education options in Kuopio. We also help with everyday issues. You don’t need an appointment or letter from another worker, just come to the Navigaattori whenever you feel like it!

For people between 15 and 29, Ohjaamo is there to help. Adults over 30 have their own guidance and counselling service. And if you’re an immigrant of any age, the immigrant guidance and counselling services are for you. It doesn’t matter why or how long you’ve been in in Finland for, we’re here to answer your questions

We’ve got a wide network of service-providers and together with them we’ll work on helping you. Lack of Finnish skills is not a problem. We speak English as well and if needed we can get an interpreter in your own language. All services are free of charge.



Immigrant guidance and counselling service

Navigaattori immigrant guidance and counselling services provides a wide range of information to meet your needs. The service is free of charge and open to all

You will receive information and guidance on topics close to your heart. If you are wondering about anything concerning education, job opportunities or your future in general, we are here for you. You can also ask for help if you are uncertain which authority to contact.

No official decisions are made at the guidance and counselling services for immigrants, but if needed, we will refer you to the right official. We have a wide network of service providers, including for example different officials, educational institutions, projects and organisations.

We offer advice and help in all kinds of matters, such as:

• employment and study opportunities
• finnish language courses
• help with CV
• early childhood education (matters concerning day care)
• the Finnish society
• social services and benefits
• health and wellbeing
• leisure activities

We provide services in several languages at our office. You can also call us or send us on email. Our customers are entitled to free of charge interpretation services.

Finnish language courses

  • Check finnish language courses here.

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How to contact us How to contact us

Torikatu 5
70110 Kuopio

Mon-Tue 8am-4pm
Wed 8am-6pm
Thu-Fri 8am-4pm

+358 44 718 1807


Torikatu 5
70110 Kuopio

Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

+358 44 718 1807



Torikatu 5
70110 Kuopio


  • Mon - Fri 10am-3pm

Contact information

  • one(at)kuopio.fi
  • +358 44 718 1807


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