Wander in Vuorilampi

The Neulamäki-Vuorilampi area is one of Kuopio's most important nature reserve and recreation areas. At its centre is the 230-hectare Kolmisoppi-Neulamäki Nature Reserve, which is also part of the EU Natura network.

The area is typified by marked variations in altitude. The hill Suuri Neulamäki rises to over 100 metres above Lake Kallavesi and almost 90 metres above the nearby small lake of Vuorilampi. From the rocky heights of Neulamäki, you can see for tens of kilometres over lakes and wooded hills dotted with fields. Paths and trails have been built and there is a campfire place in the area. For nature enthusiasts, there is also a nature trail. You can walk, ski and pick berries and mushrooms in the area. Motor vehicles may not be brought into the area and mountain bikes may only be ridden on maintained trails.