Food Safety Control

The food safety control of Kuopio Environmental Health Unit

  • supervises the production of foodstuffs throughout the production chain
  • supervise the sale, serving, importing, transporting and storing of foodstuffs
  • ensures the accuracy of information provided regarding foodstuffs and their marketing
  • assesses the sufficiency of in-house control of an operator
  • investigates suspected cases of food poisoning and other consumer observations on foodstuffs non-compliant with regulations
  • advises food business operators and consumers

The food business operators themselves are always responsible for the quality and safety of foodstuffs. The food business operators control the quality and safety of foodstuffs as well as the appropriate conditions of the facilities responsible for food safety and compliance with the requirements of food legislation.

Food safety control inspections are carried out regularly in accondance with monitoring plans in force and on the basis of consumer contacts. The results of the planned food inspections are available to consumers on the Oivahymy website.

For more information on the results of food inspection:

For more information on food inspection control: Finnish Food Authority