Kansainväliset verkostot

International networks

EIP AHA – European Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing

The platform is a communication and information hub for all actors involved in Active and Healthy Ageing through Europe.

It is the place to promote news and events, to meet and exchange ideas with peers, to look for potential partners on innovative projects.

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EIP Smart Cities and Communities

Brings together cities, industry and citizens to improve urban life through more sustainable integrated solutions.

This includes applied innovation, better planning, a more participatory approach, higher energy efficiency, better transport solutions, intelligent use of Information and

Communication Technologies (ICT), etc.


ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is the leading global network of more than 1,500 cities, towns and regions committed to building a sustainable future.

By helping the ICLEI Network to become sustainable, low-carbon, resilient, ecomobile, biodiverse, resource-efficient and productive, healthy and happy, with a green economy and smart infrastructure, we impact over 25% of the global urban population.

East and North Finland EU Office

Follow up relevant EU policies and legislative developments and influence them according to the needs of East and North Finland.

Science Technology Park in Opole

The object of Science and Technology Park in Opole is to stimulate innovative entrepreneurship in an open partnership environment between science, business and local government.

The aim of the institution is to create an appropriate scientific – technological platform and technical resources necessary for the voivodeship of Opole.

Shanghai Pudong New Area, the People’s Republic of China

Pudong is a district of Shanghai, China, located east of the Huangpu River.

Its total area is over 530 square meters and total population is over 5 million people.

The Pudong area continues to experience rapid development, especially in the commercial sector.

The area has attracted considerable fixed asset and real estate investments.

Pudong is Kuopio’s sister city.

Shanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Co Ltd., Pudong

Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park is a technology park in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China.

The park specializes in research in life sciences, software, semiconductors, and information technology. The Park’s two leading industries are information technology and modern biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, and its principal focus is to develop innovation and entrepreneurship.

WHO European Healthy Cities Network

The WHO European Healthy Cities Network consists of cities around the WHO European Region that are committed to health and sustainable development: nearly 100 cities and towns from 30 countries.

The cities are also linked through national, regional, metropolitan and thematic Healthy Cities networks.

A city joins the WHO European Healthy Cities Network based on criteria that are renewed every five years.

SOTERIA project – Online and mobile communications for emergencies (9/2014-2/2017)

The EU FP7 funded SOTERIA project aims to research and develop recommendations and an associated toolbox that leverage the positive impact of social media in emergencies, enabling public safety organisations (PSOs) and citizens using new mobile and online social media technologies to communicate before, during and after an emergency event, and exchange critical information for the PSOs' intervention in emergency, law enforcement and medical assistance situations.

Partners of the project:  North Savo Rescue Department, Emergency Services College, University of Eastern Finland.

EU FP7 -ohjelmasta rahoitetussa konsortiohankkeessa (SOTERIA –sähköiset mediat ja mobiiliteknologia onnettomuusviestinnässä) tutkitaan, miten sosiaalista mediaa voidaan hyödyntää erilaisissa hätä- ja häiriötilanteissa.

URGENCHE -project (2011-2014)

Kuopio Urgenche-projektissa: https://www.kuopio.fi/urgenche-hanke

URGENCHE was an FP7 funded project bringing together a team of internationally recognised scientists to develop and apply a methodological framework for the assessment of the overall risks and benefits of alternative greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction policies for health and well-being in China and Europe.