Community Houses and Community Activities

Everyone is welcome to visit Community Houses and take part in Community Activities. There are six Community Houses in different parts of Kuopio (Länsi-Puijo, Männistö, Särkiniemi, Nilsiä, Karttula, Vehmersalmi) and Community Activities take place also in three local libraries (Neulamäki, Puijonlaakso, Kohtaamo in the City Library).

These houses and activities offer people of all ages and backgrounds a place to meet and chat with their neighbours, read the daily papers, participate in different activities and access the internet. All this is available without charge, and the staff of the house will be happy to help you. Most Community Houses also have printing facilities.

Community Houses are a great way to get involved in local activities and get together with fellow citizens, and they are open to new ideas and suggestions for activities that could be organised there.

Find the Community House nearest to you from the list below:

Karttula Community House
Address: Kissakuusentie 6

Maaninka Community Activities
Address: Maaningantie 32

Männistö Community House
Address: Lönnrotinkatu 32

Neulamäki Community House in the Neulamäki library
Address: Juontotie 6

Nilsiä Community House
Address: Nilsiäntie 78

Puijonlaakso Community Activities in the Puijonlaakso library
Address: Mailatie 2

Länsi-Puijo Community House
Address: Rypysuontie 68

Särkiniemi Community House
Address: Särkiniementie 4

Vehmersalmi Community House
Address: Satamarannantie 1