Along with Kuopio's unique location – surrounded by water from almost every angle – comes great opportunities for fishing. As well as Lake Kallavesi, there are plenty of smaller water areas.

In summertime, angling and, in wintertime, ice-fishing with a hook and line is permitted in all the public water areas in Finland, with the exception of rapids sites, managed rainbow trout lakes and other specific sites. Angling, ice fishing, artificial lure fishing and fishing with fish trap do not require a fishing license issued by the city.
Though, in order to lure fish with one rod in Finland, you must pay the fisheries management fee (read more: Persons under 18 and over 65 years old are exempt from paying the fee.

Permit from the owner of the water area in question is needed if you intend to use other traps, more rods than just one or other fishing methods.

You can buy fishing licences for the water areas of the city of Kuopio from the Customer Service at the Council Office Building (Street address: Suokatu 42).

Fishing areas in Kuopio

Free-fishing areas are located at western part of Iso Valkeinen (the Päiväranta side), Maljalampi, Rahusenlampi, Pitkälampi, Samakkolampi, Leväsenlampi, Pieni-Neulalampi, Pieni-Valkeinen in Päiväranta, Litmasenlampi and Valkeinen in the centre.

Fishing and using fish and crayfish traps are not allowed on the Valkeisenlampi. The pond is located to the right of the city.