Promoting well-being in Kuopio

Promoting well-being is a basic task of the Finnish municipalities. An extensive wellbeing report is prepared once per council term and the annual well-being goals report is prepared every year for the city council.

The well-being goals of Kuopio for 2018-2021 are:

  1. Supporting Healthy lifestyles of citizens
  2. Safe Kuopio
  3. Early support
  4. Active and participating citizenship
  5. Promoting employment

Based on the annual report more emphasis is still needed in the following:

  • Preventive mental health work and preventive drug work (especially for young people)
  • Prevention of violence
  • Prevention of overweight (especially young boys), increasing nutrition knowledge
  • Reducing loneliness

Kuopio is a safe city. Measures have been found to promote employment. Participation channels for local residents have been developed. Physical exercise has increased on city level. There are plenty of places to exercise compared to the number of inhabitants. A city district based wellbeing reporting and planning is under development. The aim is to get more detailed information of the needs to better target the measures.

Video (in English) about Happy and healthy Kuopio 2030

The Wellbeing Report

The wellbeing report compiles the essential data on the wellbeing and services required for planning and decision making. A more extensive wellbeing report (long term survey) is drawn up once during the City Council’s term of office and the outcomes of the report are evaluated every year. The wellbeing report is a document drawn up in collaboration with different municipal sector experts (in Kuopio the Wellbeing Promotion Committee and the Secretariat of the Wellbeing Promotion Committee) and it consists of three parts:

Wellbeing Report Part 1: Development of wellbeing and health of the citizens of Kuopio in 2013-2016, contributing factors and evaluation of the efficacy of the wellbeing promotion. 

Wellbeing Report Part 2: Plan for the promotion of wellbeing of the citizens of Kuopio: wellbeing goals for the years 2018-2021. 

Wellbeing Report Part 3: The Council’s approval of the plan (as a part of economy and strategy plan).

Working Groups under the Wellbeing Group are:

  • Multi Sector Safety Working Group
  • Sexual Health Promotion Working Group
  • Bullying Prevention and Intervention Working Group

Contact information Contact information

Wellbeing Promotion Coordinator

Tanja Tilles-Tirkkonen

+35844 718 2506