Finnish Language Studies

Studying and learning the basics of the Finnish language, especially using it in everyday situations, will help you adapt more quickly.

You can study Finnish for free on many websites on the internet. When you live here, you can learn Finnish inexpensively at community colleges and various educational institutions.

Finnish may seem difficult at first, but when you use the language confidently at work and in your free time, your skills will improve rapidly. Start your studies today!

Finnish language courses are available on site as well as many different opportunities for independent learning online!

Kind reminder: if you are a customer of Kuntakokeilu and you have your own personal “Omavalmentaja” please inform Kuntakokeilu before starting any official language training. You can inform them easily through OmaAsiointi: here!

Additionally you can easily study Finnish using various applications on your phone

You can find these apps on your app store (e.g., AppStore or PlayStore).


Clearly the most popular gamified app designed for language learning.

Learn Finnish – 15000 words (FunEasyLearn)

Learn words and phrases.

Learn Finnish Free (InnovationApps)

Learn phrases.

Finnish Language Course (FunEasyLearn)

Learn expressions and practice speaking.

Ekapeli Immigrant (Niilo Mäki Foundation)

Learn letters and words. Especially suitable for children.

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