Environmental supervision

The Kuopio City Environmental and Building Board is a municipal environmental protection and construction authority in the towns of Kuopio and Suonenjoki.  Under the auspices of the board, regional environmental protection services are delegated to the board by delegating its powers to many environmental and licensing issues.

Environmental protection services are also sold to the municipality of Rautavaara, which has its own board.

The task of the municipal environmental protection authority is to act as a general supervisory authority and to carry out public interest monitoring in accordance with environmental legislation.  Supervision of significant authorizations and decisions under special laws on environmental protection is a significant part of supervision.  In addition, the supervision is directed specifically at compliance with the Decrees and Decisions of the Government Decree on Environmental Protection and the Waste Act.

Supervision of permits

The environmental protection authority of the municipality must regularly monitor the environmental licence and register activities by periodic inspections.  Inspection targets and audit frequency are defined on the basis of environmental risk assessment. The monitoring plan sets out the basics of risk assessment and describes how risk assessment guides the development of a monitoring programme.

The land permit under Section 4 of the Land Act is one of the ways of controlling landscapes, groundwater and nature conservation.  In the Kuopio and Suonenjoki areas, land permits are monitored by regional environmental protection services. Monitoring ensures that the operational requirements are fulfilled.