Waste management

Waste management is a municipal service that meets basic human needs. Municipal waste management is provided for all permanent dwellings, holiday homes and for public administrative and service activities. Functional waste management is important for the quality of our living environment.

Waste management services are provided by the municipal waste management company, Jätekukko. The company is owned by 16 municipalities in the region and operates in all of them. A wide range of waste management services is available to residents, including waste transport from properties, recycling points and collection points for hazardous waste. Jätekukko also helps residents with any questions regarding waste management services.

The Waste Management Board (Savo-Pielisen jätelautakunta) takes care of the administrative functions related to waste management within the region of the 16 municipalities. It decides on the municipal waste management regulations and waste tariff. As a local authority, the Waste Management Board also decides on the standard of waste management services provided to residents in the municipalities. In addition, the Waste Management Board is responsible for tasks such as ensuring that property owners and housing cooperatives have arranged suitable waste collection points and containers for their household waste as prescribed in the Waste Act.

Waste management is monitored by the Environment and Construction Committee and the Regional Environmental Protection Services of the City of Kuopio. Private individuals are prohibited from handling hazardous waste, and littering is also prohibited by law.