Planning street areas

"Land Use and Building Act” guides street planning and construction in Finland. The different purposes of the street area are presented in the street plan as well as the adaptation and the affection to its surroundings.

Traffic arrangements, drainage and conducting of the rainwater, the elevation of the street, material of the pavement as well as the planting and permanent structures and equipments when needed, are all necessary to be visible in a street plan.

When needed, verified, administrative street designs are available and can be ordered via the transactional email.

Traffic control planning is also included to a street planning process.

Participation of inhabitants

At an early stage of the planning process, there is permited a chance for the premise owners to discuss with the engineers about the baselines of the street planning. Briefing and discussion events are arranged in more significant subjects.

Construction commitee approves the planning to be staged in public. Street planning proposal will be staged in public for at least 14 days.

Announciation of the plan that has been approved to be staged will be published in Kuopio free delivered city magazine (Kuopion Kaupunkilehti). The owners of the premises and property in the vicinity of the street planning area are also notified by mail. Participants have the right to make a note to the proposal. The note should be delivered before the exposing time of staged layout expires.

Inhabitants can familiarize themselves with the street plans at the customer service (address Suokatu 42) as well as at the website of Kuopio on the message board (in finnish)

If there are no notes been left by the deadline, planning chief verifies the plans. Otherwise it will be handled in construction commitee.