Resource wisdom and circular economy

Kuopio aims to become a zero-waste, carbon neutral and globally sustainable city for consumption by 2050 at the latest. Resource wise Kuopio is one of the main goals of the city strategy. Kuopio has, together with various stakeholders, worked out a resource widening wisdom programme that serves as an guiding tool  action plan for implementing resource wisdom and circular economy.

Resource wisdom is the ability to utilise a variety of resources (natural resources, raw materials, energy, products and services, facilities, time and know-how) in a thoughtful and prosperous manner and in a way that promotes sustainable development. Resource-intensive activities include, for example, the use of local renewable energy, the exploitation of by-products, the promotion of the production and use of local food, energy efficiency measures, reduction of self-dependence on cars and wise movement control. Every citizen can work resourcefully choosing services rather than products.

Circular economy together with other pioneers

Kuopio is part of the Finnish Sustainable Communities (FISU) network with 10 other cities. The municipalities in the network are committed to pursuing zero-waste, carbon neutrality and sustainable consumption by 2050. The FISU municipalities are Kuopio, Forssa, Hyvinkää, Ii, Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Riihimäki, Turku ja Vaasa.

Resource wise municipalities strive to strengthen regional economies and employment, create new business opportunities and improve the well-being of residents while improving the environment.

Kuopio is also involved in the Circwaste, the network of pioneering municipalities in circular economy, where 10 cities are committed to implementing the goals of the nationwide waste plan. The aim is to have the materials circulated as comprehensively as possible and to improve the utilisation of community municipal waste and construction waste.

KierRe – Circular Economy and Resource Wisdom in Northern-Savo -project

KierRe is a project that will start resource wisdom work in Northern Savo cities Varkaus, Kuopio, Iisalmi, Siilinjärvi and Joroinen during the years 2016-2019. The idea comes from nationwide and a national climate policy and the objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The aim is to increase the use of renewable energy and local energy sources, increasing material efficiency as well as climate-friendly decision-making rooting into the municipal strategies.

The main objective consists of four separate components:

a. Improving energy efficiency and the introduction of renewable energy
b. Promotion of supporting low-carbon models of transport, living and regions
c. Improving recycling and piloting of new solutions
d. The development of the food chain cycle, and the bio-economy
In Kuopio there will be some pilots in Savilahti district.