Language studies


A1 Language

Pupil start learning A1 Language in their 1st year. All schools offer English as an A1 Language. Kalevala Comprehensive School also offers German as an A1 Language. Study groups in A1 German can be formed if there are at least 12 pupils who have chosen German as their A1 Language. Such pupils will be offered the opportunity to study English as their A2 Language from the 4th year onwards.

A2 Language

It is possible to study German, French or Russian as an A2 Language. A2 Language studies begin in the 4th year and are optional. A2 Language groups require at least 16 pupils who have chosen a particular language. In years 7 – 9, the A1 and A2 Language groups of different schools may be merged if necessary. If a school does not have an A2 Language group, the A2 Language group pupils will join the A1 Language group. It is not possible to discontinue A2 Language studies during basic education without a particularly good reason. If the question arises, there is a discussion between the school and the parents and a written decision is made.

B1 Language

Pupils start learning Swedish as the B1 Language in their 6th year.

B2 Language

Schools can offer German, French, Spanish and Russian as a B2 Language (optional), depending on their language programme. At Hatsala Classical Comprehensive School, pupils can study Latin as a B2 Language starting from the 7th year. In addition, schools may offer short language courses where the syllabus is not as comprehensive as in B Languages.

Instruction in Latin

Instruction in Latin is given only at Hatsala Classical Comprehensive School. Latin (B2 Language) is in the same position as A2 Languages in the 7th year. In addition to language teaching, the instruction includes stories about Ancient Greece and Rome and other basic information about European culture.

Bilingual education (Finnish–English)

Bilingual education is given at Rajala Comprehensive School in years 1 – 6 and at Hatsala Classical Comprehensive School in years 7 – 9.  Students will be admitted to the programme based on the results of an English and a Finnish language proficiency assessment and entrance examination.