A city filled with activities

Kuopio is famous for a multitude of events and known both as a lively sports centre and a city of rich cultural life.

The major annual events include Finland Ice Marathon in February, Kuopio Dance Festival in June, Kuopio International Wine Festival as well as Kuopio Triathlon in July.
In June, various events bring the summer feel to Kuopio. Citizens and tourists can go and see dance in Kuopio Dance Festival, they can taste delicious wines at Kuopio Wine Festival.
ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival, Kuopio Marathon, a fish market all take place in the autumn. Christmas time and New Year bring with them special events, too.
Galleries and museums have a lot to offer, and also summer theatre, circus performances, and dance performances can be seen in Kuopio. In addition to these events, there are many cultural activities available through the year, for example in Kuopio Music Centre, museums, exhibitions and theatres.

You find all events in Kuopio and the surrounding area in KuopioTahko website.

For further details on activities, events and sights, see Visit Lakeland.