Kuopio’s strategy until 2030

In a municipal context, strategy means a conscious choice of action in an environment with transformation and change.  Strategy is defined as the choice of, and unanimous commitment to, the strategic priorities that will have the greatest impact on the desired future in the current environment.

The organizations of the City of Kuopio are not the only strategy actors. Instead, the whole urban community is involved. The City of Kuopio is an actor just like any other in implementing the Kuopio strategy. The Kuopio strategy plan was approved by the City Council on the 11th of December 2017. The strategic goals will be evaluated every year in connection with preparation of the annual budget.

Kuopio’s vision

Capital of Good Life
Health, vitality and the richness of everyday life

Our vision is to be the capital, where the good life lives. Health, vitality and the richness of everyday life are the elements of good life.

These are the strategic priorities of the vision of Kuopio in 2030:

  • A centre of sustainable growth for one million people – 200,000 inhabitants in 2040.
  • Progressive and international business life and business-friendly environments.
  • Strongly developing urban area Savilahti – Europe’s most captivating learning and innovation environments.
  • Finland’s fastest growing region of conventions, events and tourism.
  • Forerunner in health, environment and wellbeing.
  • Unique and inspiring nature and environments. The best place for children.

Values / mission

Mission of the City of Kuopio

”Kuopio with its partners creates environments for sustainable growth and good life.”

Kuopio’s values have been transformed into lines of action.  

The Kuopio line of action is ”Freedom to choose”. It is transparent, inspiring and collaborative, for the benefit of the citizen.

Our line of action should be visible in all our activities, be it customer service or work community. Permission to do otherwise entails creativity and employment of bold new ways of doing things and, what is more, ability to critically assess routine action.

Strategic goals and success factors

The Kuopio strategy comprises four fundamental properties: GROWING KUOPIO, HAPPY AND HEALTHY KUOPIO, RESOURCE-WISE KUOPIO AND PROGRESSIVE KUOPIO. The success factors of Kuopio have been categorized accordingly. DIGITALIZATION, INTERNATIONALITY and PARTNERSHIP are three additional themes integrated in all levels of the strategy.


  • Competitive business environments
  • Attractive innovation and learning environments combined with high quality education chain from early childhood up to higher education
  • Innovative urban development, vibrant city centre and versatile urban culture
  • Promoting Kuopio


  • Activity-boosting for everyday life
  • Early support
  • Employment and livelihood
  • Healthy and safe living environment


  • Smart mobility
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Circular economy and wise use of resources


  • Skilled, motivated staff and modern leadership
  • Smooth and progressive services
  • Sustainable economy

Phase and materials of the strategy process

Kuopio’s strategy has been renewed during 2017. Transparency and inclusion are the core principles of the process. The new City Council and the central administration of the city have played a key role in developing the plan. Employees of the city, citizens, business representatives and other stakeholders have also been involved in the planning process at some point.

The strategy process will continue with its gradual execution during 2018.

Additional information:
Strategy Manager Sirpa Lätti-Hyvönen, +358 44 718 2132

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